TAHF Holdings, LP

Welcome to TAHF Holdings, LP

Cashflowing Single Family Properties

What we Are:

We are a Delaware Limited Partnership formed acquire single family properties through TAHF Holdings, LP. We are offering units only to accredited investors to raise $5,000,000

Investment Strategy

Management intends to acquire cash flowing single family properties.


Reginald Harris

Over 15 years of purchasing below market value residential real estate. Spent over 21 years in Federal Law Enforcement and 5 years serving the U.S. Military. Team has an experienced real estate agent with project management experience in commercial and residential real estate.

Access the Exclusive Opportunity

We will providing an opportunity for investment partners to join the leadership team in growing this company to its full potential. Interested parties can contact use by clicking "Get Access" to determine if this might make a compliant, suitable investment for certain interested parties.

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